International Design

Designed for the discerning, each of the homes at Willowbrook feature refined interiors and superior finish, fixtures and fittings. Spacious five bedroom layouts with walk-in closets and ensuite bathrooms, as well as large kitchens, cozy family rooms, ample storage space and outdoor terraces, provide comfort and luxury living for your family.

Detailed Interiors

At Willowbrook, elegant design and carefully selected interior detail reflect the quality of each home. Floor plans maximize the interior space, providing plenty of natural light, and have been carefully thought out to accommodate active family lifestyles. Each home comes fully equipped with premium international brand name appliances.

Double Glazed

Double Glazed Windows

Double glazing provides a multitude of beneits. The trapped layer of air between the two panes create a barrier that prevents warmth from escaping as well as reducing outside noise, making your home environment warmer and quieter. Double glazing controls draughts and reduces heat loss to enable you to cut down on heating and fuel bills.

Natural Gas

Natural Gas Fireplace

Living Rooms feature a Regency (Canadian designed) natural gas fireplace. While providing the look and ambience of a real wood flre, these units have an 85% efficiency rating.

Underfloor Radiant Heating System

Underfloor Radiant Heating System

Natural gas hot water system provides comfortable and quiet room temperatures with the least possible energy consumption. The large surface area uses lower average heating temperatures, warming room evenly without drying the air. Floor heating has proven highly effective in reducing allergies. Automatic thermostat system is capable of independent temperature control offering you ability to heat separate zones.

Thermal Insulation

Thermal Insulation

Installed to all external walls and ceilings, this 20mm insulation layer insulates the inside environment therefore improving energy efficiency and offers protection against condensation and damp.

Advanced Communication

Advanced Communication System

Each villa features a multi function NEC telephone system with Internal Intercom. The system allows for up to 10 extension lines and comes with built In answering machines. With functions for fax, call conferencing, hands free speaker and silent mode, the NEC 6.0 edition is the latest technology imported from Japan. Offers convenient and direct link to concierge Helpdesk.

Fresh Air Circulation

Fresh Air Circulation System

Intergrated into the Reverse Cycle HITACHI Air. Conditioning system is an air circulation system which supplies constant purified fresh air throughout the year.

Structured Plumbing

Structured Plumbing

Structured plumbing ensures on-demand hot water from any part of the house. This system saves water, and offers added convenience.

Energy Efficiency

Willowbrook homes feature radiant hot water floor heating throughout – the most efficient way to achieve the highest level of comfort during Shanghai’s winter months. Willowbrook’s energy efficient design and thermal windows enable you to enjoy quiet and cozy comfort in each room, with separate zones for individual temperature control. Each house is fully insulated to maintain desired comfort level year round.

Summary Of Specifications

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